Monday, June 29, 2009

The New-Look Greenhouse Grower Magazine

Greenhouse Grower has a new look, and you'll get your first glance at the print redesign when you pull your July issue out of the mailbox in the next few days.

But before you sift through pages, I wanted to give you a crash course in the new-look Greenhouse Grower and remind you many of the elements to which you've become familiar over the years are still there.

Keeping the people we at Greenhouse Grower serve in mind, the redesigned magazine continues to focus on the knowledge and tools you need to sustain and enhance the vitality of your business. The biggest difference between the old and new designs is the ease by which information can be read and used.

A big part of the new design are the pillars on which the magazine is built. By now, you’re familiar with BenchPress, our regular columnists and extensive varieties coverage. All those elements are still here. We’ve simply broken them into four sections you’ll see in every issue: News & People, Production, Profit Center and Variety Central.

The people you’ve come to know and trust over the years are still part of Greenhouse Grower. You’ll continue to read Will Carlson’s take on news and people in the industry and Allan Armitage’s take on varieties. And you’ll be seeing some new contributors, as well.

Guest grower columnists will appear in the Production section, and experts like Charlie Hall and Laurie Scullin will anchor Profit Center, a new section that adds a bottom-line focus to the former Market Watch section. We realize marketing is only part of the equation that makes your business profitable these days. Profit Center keeps marketing in mind, but we’re taking a broader approach each month to help you generate more revenue and reduce costs.

Our new Greenhouse Grower logo might make you do a double take, too. Bill Rigo, director of creative services at Meister Media Worldwide, teamed with senior graphic designer Brad Kish to create the new logo, which reflects the cleaner, crisper look we think you’ll prefer on our pages. Bill explains more about the logo here.

We’re also devoting a little more page space to photography, particularly in our varieties coverage, because photos of the products you grow really are worth a thousand words.

Let us know what you think of the new look after reading the July issue. Our goal, after all, is to help you grow.

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  1. I'm the guy who came up with the name BenchPress back in 1983.