Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's Time To Warm To Facebook

Not a believer in Facebook? You’re not the only grower, as many are slow to warm to the social networking site. When you do finally realize the advantages, though, there are nine suggested rules all small businesses should follow on Facebook.

In a recent post on AllFacebook.com, Nick O'Neill lists nine rules of Facebook promotion every small business should follow. You can read more about O'Neill's rules here, but I'll list them below:

1. Go Slow & Steady, Don't Overdo It
2. Contact Your Fans Directly
3. Don't Spam
4. Consider It An Educational Experience
5. Limit Your Advertising Budget
6. Create A Facebook Page, Not New Profiles
7. Use Coupons & Other Incentives
8. Emphasize Mobile Subscriptions
9. Post Occasional Entertaining Statuses

At this point, there's no reason your growing operation should not have a Facebook page. One recurring sentiment we all hear as an industry is how we don't connect well with younger generations. We're always looking for someone else to devise a solution to lure Generation X and Y to our products.

Facebook is that link. Your customers 40-and-under are probably already on Facebook. Ask them about it. Your customers 40-and-under are also probably fans of other growers and industry groups marketing themselves to the users. It's time you start marketing yourselves.

Got a question about Facebook? Leave a comment below, and I'll give you an answer or some feedback.


  1. Hey Kevin,

    I created a Facebook page for Urban Gardener products and so far so good. Although many of the fans are my college friends, it has created a great vechicle to get the word out to them, and turn their friends. I have gotten some great ideas from they very demografic I am looking to convert to gardening- better yet---it is fun and Free!

  2. I did not understand Facebook and wanted nothing to do with it. Then an associate insisted I give it a try. A personal facebook page is ok, but creating a Facebook "PAGE" or fan club for your business turns out to be Great. We created a Fan PAGE for Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs and it has taken off the people love it. It's are real comminity of people that love our brand. We share tips, personal garden expereinces, share photos, answer questions. We have over 2000 fans and everyone enjoys it.

    Check it out at http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pwcolorchoice?ref=ts


  3. Hi Tim. I had your same attitude toward Twitter when I first heard about it. It seemed pretty pointless at first, but there is good reason to use all the social media technology out there. 1-800-Flowers is doing some pretty amazing stuff on Facebook now. Check it out if you get a chance. I wonder if that's where it going to go.

    And keep up the good work with the Urban Gardener, Jen. You're right: Even if your college friends are the fans of the Urban Gardener on Facebook, all of their friends are seeing that information -- and they're all potential consumers.