Friday, June 19, 2009

A-ROO Sleeves 'Wow'

A couple weeks ago, a conversation I had with a Top 100 Grower drifted to the topic of differentiation and how it's more important than ever to have a unique look to products. Consumers don't want the same, boring black pot anymore, and the plant won't necessarily sell on its own today. So how do you upgrade your plants? How do you differentiate?

Sleeves are one way to go. As I approach A-ROO's booth yesterday, I was struck by several busy multi-colored sheet designs. I had seen A-ROO sleeves on its website and on literature before, but they didn't grab me like seeing them in person around plants.

The beauty of A-ROO is it has a variety of designs. The purple sleeves to the far left of the photo are part of A-ROO's Petaluma line, in which circles dance whimsically to an array of colors. Some of the color schemes available are aubergine and goldenrod, holly and berry, turquoise and lime, blush and carnation, chocolate and mint, and grape and lavender.

Remember, all growers boast the fact they grow quality plants. Even if their plants are mediocre or subpar, they'll still boast the fact they're selling quality. So rather than beat the quality bush over and over, I'd suggest looking into simple upgrades like these to set yourselves apart from your competition. Odds are you do have the best plants around. But that's not enough for consumers anymore.

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