Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How’s This For Consumer Advertising?

If you picked up a copy of Vogue magazine’s November issue – I’ll admit I didn’t, but that’s only because I’m a Sports Illustrated guy – you may have noticed Proven Winners is featured in a piece that links fashion to gardening.

You can check out an example in the picture to the right (click to enlarge), which is actually page 202 of the magazine. You’ll see Proven Winners pots at the bottom of the Vogue page at the base of the blue truck.

Danielle Ernest, public relations and brand development coordinator for Proven Winners, says Proven Winners was super excited to see the piece. She also shared some interesting data on who Vogue reaches each week:

• Circulation: 1.2 million
• Median Age: 35 years
• Median Income: $65,908

Danielle adds that a one-page ad in Vogue costs $128,220 – and Proven Winners’ product placement was not paid for.

How’s that for consumer advertising?


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