Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Last Plant Standing: 'Snow Princess'

I visited Four Star Greenhouse back in August and was fortunate to tour its Proven Winners trial garden on site. If you haven't visited the operation or seen the trials, I'd recommend making a visit to Carleton, Mich.

Anyway, one of the varieties that was absolutely thriving in the trial gardens upon my visit was 'Snow Princess.' You've probably heard plenty about 'Snow Princess' by now, as it won Greenhouse Grower's Editor's Choice and Industry's Choice awards this year.

Now that November's nearly here, you'd think it'd be time to remove 'Snow Princess' and its annual companions from the garden. But not at Four Star, where Marketing Director George Strimpel says 'Snow Princess' is one of just a few annuals that hasn't yet been removed.

"It looks too good," says George, who also mentioned 'Snow Princess' has survived many frosts.

Check out late-season 'Snow Princess' for yourself at Four Star in this YouTube video link.

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